Dagvoorzitter in het Engels

Dagvoorzitter EngelsKim spreekt goed Engels en is dus ook regelmatig dagvoorzitter in internationale programma’s. Dat zijn Engelstalige bijeenkomsten en congressen in Nederland. Het zijn ook internationale bijeenkomsten in andere landen. De voorbereiding van de bijeenkomsten kan natuurlijk in het Nederlands, maar ook in het Engels.


Kim geeft verschillende keren per jaar de internationale training Mastering Moderation. Waar een internationaal gezelschap de fijne kneepjes van het modereren leert. Deelnemers komen uit alle landen van de Europese Gemeenschap. Kim heeft door haar internationale werk ook ervaring met de cultuurverschillen van de verschillende deelnemers.

Kim recently worked for the following international summits:

Apollo TyresLUCI
EurocitiesMol Group
Science and Information Conferences

This is what participants of Fleming’s 7th Corporate Learning Summit said about her:

“Kim did a great job; professional.”
“True master; nice flow & energy creating.”
“Kim was great. I really appreciate her way of engaging the audience, very energetic, making the right connections in the proper time with elegance.”
“Very professional. Nice ideas, nice voice :)”
“Kim was amazing. She always increased our intention. Very good skills of moderating. Thank you very much. ”
“She did very good to engage people”
“She is a real master on this. ”
“Very inspiring, unconventional ideas, is able to create an open and comfortable working atmosphere.”
“She really summarized very well and was listening precisely. Good job.”
“She made a very difference conference experience. A bit scary at times when not knowing what Kim would do the next but overall a fun experience 🙂 Well moderated.”
“Very great. She brought an additional value to the summit. Liked her “small” interruptions. Learnt and got nice ideas also for my business. Thanks a lot.”
“Very good. Creative interactions. Lots of energy.”
“Brilliant, professional, entertaining, always appropriate in talking, did good sum ups.”
“Very good, good icebreakers, always connected with people but also with a content.”
“Great. Kim was able to keep the audience alive & kicking all across the conference.”
“Great. Definitely a bonus to the conference.”

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Mastering Moderation

Kim also presents the international Mastering Moderation workshop.


Kim presenteert ook webinars in het Engels. Zoals dit webinar over Accountability.